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The HEART Chakra

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest, in horizontal alignment with the nipples. It is the center of our emotions, our feelings, positive and negative. At the beginning of our lives, this chakra is completely open, but it closes over time due to the education we receive and the conformity which we must obey. It is between the age of 28 and 35 that this chakra resonates with the outside world and reopens.

The Heart Chakra
The Heart Chakra

This chakra is related to the lungs and heart. Therefore, it rhythms our first source of life: oxygen, absorbing and distributing it to our cells. Just as blood is vital for our body, vital energy is also for our energy structure.

When this chakra is in perfect equilibrium, it radiates powerfully to the outside and the love energy it conveys transforms and heals those around us. The energy that emanates from it is soft, warm, tender, welcoming. Here we are talking about an energetic observation emerging outward from a person whose energies are balanced. It will therefore not be enough to just think, decide or want to radiate this energy to be able to do so. This chakra requires one to be authentic with his emotions, sincere with his feelings, and honest with his thoughts about oneself and others for it to function properly. The pleasures of sex, power, possession, money, but also suffering, hardships, dualities, fears have the power to close this chakra.

This chakra is the junction point between the ground: the telluric energy, the Yang, and the sky: the cosmic energy, the Yin. This chakra thus allows the meeting, the mixing of these two energies, giving birth to vital energy. In this chakra resides a part of divine love, an eternal love towards life, oneself, and others. It pushes us to find our individual Unity so that we can inspire others.

When unbalanced, this chakra can develop tendencies to excessive generosity for the purpose of recognition, sometimes with an excess of love passions. Emotional dependence for lack of self-love will also be noted. The possession of the other by “love,” the need to be in the presence of the other to feel complete are symptoms of an imbalance. An energy deficit in this chakra can cause one to behave with a friendly mask on. He will do everything to be loved by others in order to feel this chakra open again. This person will fall in love easily, temporarily, several times a year. It is obviously not real love but possession, desire, a need for others.

This chakra reacts mainly to the green color and a little to the pink color because this color stimulates the heart organ.

What does this mean for me?

Our personal well-being depends on the perfect balance within our energy structure. This balance can be achieved through the maintenance of our energies, thanks to a treatment performed by a true energy therapist. Once you have received a good energy treatment, you will profit from its benefits. The benefits can be various and related to our four consciences:

  • Physically: improves vitality and dynamism, makes fatigue and chronic pain disappear, improves sleep, increases resistance, etc.

  • Intellectually: augments concentration, ideas and analysis become clearer, projects become more accessible, etc.

  • Emotionally: Improves the management of relationships with oneself and with others, makes dualities disappear, reduces existential fears, increases the need for joy, etc.

  • Spiritually: Gain in daily intuition, uncontrolled empathy decreases and regulates, better inspiration and creativity, the intimate conviction is essential for projects.

Of course, all of these benefits can be seen only in the context in which you have received a true energy treatment based on Chinese energy medicine, as I can offer you. A full session can be performed remotely, with the same results as an in-person session.

Illustration of an energy care
Illustration of an energy care

For those who are too Yin or, on the contrary, too Yang, as well as for Twin Flame relationships, the complete energetic treatment provides a reorientation of the two complementary energies (Yin/Yang—Cosmo-Telluric). This reorientation is absolutely necessary to live a happy life, to have daily joy, and to be able to continue our journey on the personal development road.

You can schedule an appointment directly on my online agenda here:


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