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Unicity or unity, unicité ou unité, unicidade ou unidade, energy, energia, energie - Tony Da Costa

Twin Flames,
the path to Unicity©

"I believe I am a Twin Flame…"

When one discovers about his Twin Flame nature, regardless of his polarity, on one side, one feels relieved to know that he is not insane, and at the same time lost before all the work he will have to accomplish in order to be able to radiate joy and well-being again.


It is a lifelong objective to achieve lasting joy and well-being, even though the modern world leads us to believe that it is through others that we can achieve this grail. The purpose of meeting our Twin Flame is to make us stop believing that.


After reflection, we should take to heart about becoming the most important person in our lives. Upon acceptance of this fact, the path to Unicity © can begin.


And now, what do I do?

The path of a Twin Flame is not easy, no one can claim that. However, what can be said is that all the steps leading Twin Flames to Unicity © are known. And to succeed in passing all those stages, without regression, and finally reaching a permanent state of well-being, there are implacable and effective tools and protocols.


All of these tools and protocols are brought together and constitute our “Unicity ©” method. A method that can be broken down into several objectives and actions, which can be carried out at your own pace, with the support of a specialized coach trained in this foolproof method.

First, there are three main thematic phases:

  • “Understanding the Twin Flame phenomenon”—the first phase which is carried out independently.

  • “Discovering yourself and your personal path”—the second phase which must be accompanied by a coach.

  • “The purification of your energy structure”—the third phase which must be carried out by an energy coach.

Phase 1: Comprehension

Phase 2: Discovery

Phase 3: Purification

Phase One: Comprehension

Every journey begins with the first step, and therefore, it begins exploring the understanding phase. To help you identify your Twin Flame nature, we would like to provide you with the maximum free content allowing you to discover yourself in this event. There are several supports to help you with that:

  1. You can watch the videos (more than fifteen) available on my YouTube channel;

  2. You can read the articles destined to Twin Flames on my Blog;

  3. You can read my Booklet, “13 Signs that You are a Twin Flame and 7 complimentary signs,” available for free by subscribing to my newsletter on my website's homepage.

1ere phase US "L'Unicité" or Unicity Plan Phase One Mapmind
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What if none of this corresponds to me?

It is important to understand that if at this stage, the signs that you discover do not correspond to the life you have with another person, there will be a good chance that you are not living a Twin Flame phenomenon.

And finally, it’s probably better for you. It is then up to you to explore several other possibilities. Perhaps you have met a soulmate, a Nemesis karmic relationship, or quite simply that you are affected by one or both of the following behaviors:

  • “I suffer from emotional dependence.”

  • “The other is a narcissistic pervert.”


What if you are affected by both…

  • “I am living a destructive, passionate relationship” by combining both previous points.

For any of these cases, you should consider exploring your interiority with the aid of a therapist, psychologist, or doctor.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the ego…

However, it will be difficult for you to correctly diagnose your polarity within the Twin Flame relationship. This relies on many factors and nuances that only a coach trained in the “Unicity ©” method can prove to you with factual elements.


Remember that even though a surgeon can operate on anyone with appendicitis, he cannot operate on himself. He will call on a competent and neutral colleague to carry out this vital act for his survival. In personal development and psychotherapy, it should be the same. Indeed, you cannot keep the neutrality which is, however, necessary for the analysis of your life in common with your twin. Only a specialized coach can be able to bring you this vital and necessary insight into your journey.

Phase Two: Discovery

All of this will take you to the edge of the forest and it will be about time for you to decide whether to take the next step “discovering yourself and your personal path” or not.

Booking an appointment with a coach is absolutely necessary for:

  • Get to know your polarity (Runner or Chaser)

  • Create your compensation plan (1st step to reaching Unicity©).

"L'Unicité" or Unicity Plan Phase Two Mapmind

From this moment you will receive the support of a competent coach who will give you, session after session, the tools necessary to achieve your life goals. His goal is not to get you to be in a relationship with your twin, but to help you reach your Unicity © which will allow you to be compatible with your twin flame half and live a harmonious couple life.

Your coach has no obligation of results but only an obligation of means, finally a surgeon has only obligations of means. Your coach is, however, focused on concrete and factual advances in your life projects.

He can, therefore, help you in several specific areas:

  • Augment the positive impact of your compensation work.

  • Develop the energy you lack.

  • Free yourself from emotional dependence.

  • Function within the healthy behavioral system.

  • Manage emotions, feelings, and states.

  • Stop and prevent the Karpman triangle mechanism.

  • Position yourself in your life.

  • Learn to manage the three states.

  • Destroy your faux self by developing your true self.

  • Embody what you want to see in the world.

  • Employ just speech.

  • Help you identify and provide all your daily needs.

  • Etc.

You may not need to acquire all of these topics above. It is impossible to say in advance what you might need. However, it is better to have coaching sessions with a person capable of providing you with the most efficient skills.

To have or not to have energy?

In addition to the personal growth coaching process, it is important to provide your energy structure with the means to cleanse, purify, and ultimately, to reprogram it, so that the whole being can change its behavior having as the only influences, its personal choices.

3rd phase: Purification

The life a Twin Flame will have had with his twin can also leave him “tired,” without vital resources, exhausted. This is quite normal since the energy you lack has been revealed to you by your twin and at the start of the journey, you are unable to develop it alone. The accompaniment of a true energetist will make all the difference in the effectiveness of personal coaching. If you don’t know what an energy treatment consists of, see our articles here.

In short, you should not consider only having coaching support or energy healing sessions, but both in parallel. It will never be either one or the other but both.

Your coach-energetist specialized in Twin Flame accompaniment will be able to provide you with both services, alternating with your personal progress.

"L'Unicité" or Unicity Plan Phase Three Purification Mapmind

What's the pace?

For a coach, there is never any question of “selling” you a subscription. The pace is yours. You must, therefore, know how to take responsibility for the recurrence that you need to have in your sessions, take into account the waiting list time before getting an appointment, do not wait until it becomes unbearable in or around you to book yourself an appointment.

In other words, you control your pace and are solely responsible for your progress. As written above, your coach has no obligation to achieve results, only you who must take responsibility for it.

The empowerment of the individual is fundamentally important in the “Unicity ©” protocol since as we can recall, you must embody this saying: “I am the most important person in my life.”

Here is the Unicity© Plan

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Cover RECTO - 13 signes FJ US copie.jpeg
Phase 1: Comprehension
Phase 2: Discovery
Phase 3: Purification
Unicity Plan
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