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Unicity or unity, unicité ou unité, unicidade ou unidade, energy, energia, energie - Tony Da Costa


Patients often ask me, “What are the advantages of energy cleanse sessions?” Such a simple question whose answer deserves to wait on it, but before going into any more details, you should know about energy cleansing.

Explaining what this treatment is consisted of can be done in less than twenty seconds:

“During an energy cleanse session, the energetist works on your energy structure, without ever touching you, restoring the good circulation of vital energy. This vital energy is all around you and also inside you and is composed of cosmic energy (Yin) and telluric energy (Yang), both well known in Chinese energy medicine. Do you believe in acupuncture? If you do, then you believe in energy care.”

It is simple to explain the principle of energy care itself. However, it is much broader and more complex to explain what the treatment can bring to a specific person as it, ultimately, depends only on what “is not going well” with her. And in this area which consists on identifying the problem, the patient has no clue and the energetist can only have a precise idea after working on the person. It suffices to say that it is impossible to predict what a session will be able to help with in terms of self-healing and cleansing. Those who venture to predict it are only crooks, hucksters, or beginners still driven by their spiritual ego.

The only thing we can detail, however, is the list of all the things worked on in an authentic energy healing session.

In other words, what precise actions will be carried out:

  • Evacuation of the energies blocked in the chakras

  • Recharging of the chakras

  • Reconnection of the various "organs" of the energy body

  • Dynamisation of the energy flow in the etheric structure

  • Protection of the soul by filling in the holes located in the auras

  • Purification of the being through the cleaning of his auras

  • Improvement of instinct, intuition, spiritual guidance by bringing equilibrium to the patient

All this seems very esoteric, very abstract, very invisible and intangible, and yet, it is quite the opposite!


An energetic treatment, from the moment it is based on traditional Chinese medicine, is very technical and, if done well, it generates profound positive changes. Beyond the observation of a general state of well-being, it is quite easy to explain more precisely everything which can be improved through energy care.

Here is for example, and in each dimension of our being, what can be improved:

  • Physically:

The disappearance of fatigue and chronic symptoms and acute injuries, decrease or disappearance of chronic pain, significant improvement in sleep, increase of vitality and reflexes, improvement in cell regeneration and strengthening of immunity, a “boost effect” of the physical body self-healing.

  • Intellectually:

Increases concentration, better analyses, and reasoning, the disappearance of hyperactivity disorders, better “letting go,” need and/or better personal development and self-knowledge, thirst for studies and discovery of the world, increase in intellectual curiosity, motivation to life changes, better anchoring of thoughts in the real world (here and now), increased lucidity and discernment.

  • Emotionally:

Better management of emotions, therefore, increased self-esteem, better self-confidence, decrease or even disappearance of existential fears, return of the joy of living, disappearance of stress, increase in temerity and need for daily innovations, need for emotional autonomy and therefore global autonomy, liberation from archaic wounds/emotional traumas (when those have been understood!).

  • Spiritually:

Development of artistic creativity, increase of inspiration, better instinct, control of empathy and reduction of external energy absorption, reduction of exhausting energy links, development of intuition and mediumship, improvement in reading our path of life, the revelation of our missions in life, faster understanding of the mirror effects and stages that must be passed, unlocking dead-end situations, elimination of karmic memories linked to previous lives, alleviation of karma, facilitation of difficult stages in life.


All that?

Now that you understand a little bit more, it is impossible to have all those points worked on in only one single session. The dynamisation of those points only depends on your stage in life, the lucidity you carry about your life and the path you follow. You must understand that all that can be improved through an energy healing session is inherent in the fact that the symptoms or blockages that you are experiencing have become useless for your evolution. In brief, if you no longer need physical pain to understand what that pain was meant to teach you, it will detach from you, thanks to energy care. Thus, it is your journey, your personal development, your self-understanding, the wisdom that you have acquired from your life that can increase the positive impact of energy care sessions.

  • An in-person or remote energy healing session?
    A treatment commonly takes place in the office of an energetist. In fact, for most people, an in-person session reassures them. ​ However, any energetist and magnetizer would tell you that energy knows no distance. It is of course here a matter of quantum physics, a term very (too) commonly used today and which determines that each particle of our universe comes from a single ancestral native particle AND that even though separated all the particles remain connected to each other. ​​ This invisible connection present in all things is called vital energy. Thus, a true energetist knows how to perform energy treatments by leaving the distance limits aside, providing his patient with the same high-quality energy care as if the patient were lying on the massage bed. It has been observed that remote energy care is often a source of finer mediumship guidance than in-office sessions. Therefore, we can agree that remote sessions are more interesting for the patients and the energetist therapist than in-person sessions. However, some people remain attached to the importance of an in-office consultation to accept the benefits from energy care. This is a matter of belief.
  • How are the sessions performed?
    Whether remotely or in person, the energetist should be interested in your expectations, your healing or improvement hopes to decide how to take your care. An energy-healing session alone can bring you the expected result, but in most cases, coaching support is necessary. To get a clear picture and best assist you, the energetist fills out a follow-up paper and will probably ask you several specific questions. This process is called the anamnesis phase. ​ Next, he performs the treatment according to his protocols, he can sometimes question you during the treatment or on the contrary, keep silent. ​ After the session has ended, the energetist may share with you the causes for your imbalances and recommend you a better healthy lifestyle, suggest you natural food supplements, or recommend additional therapy sessions. The whole session takes no more than 45 minutes.
  • Immediate results?
    As soon as the sessions are finished, the vital energy will start to circulate within your energetic structure causing possible tiredness, weariness, or coldness which does not last very long. Indeed, an energy care session stimulates the optimal rotation of the chakras, stimulates the circulation of vital energy in the meridians, purifies the auras. All this contributes to the revival of the energy structure and the balancing of the 1800 LO points (acupuncture points). This process is not instantaneous, it spans over a period ranging from three to seven days maximum, this period is called “balancing." However, you can feel this energetic recovery by the end of the session and may also notice immediate improvements. However, it is by the end of the balancing period that the patient should wonder about the real benefits the treatment has brought to him.
  • ​How many energy care sessions do I need?
    It all depends on what you wish to work on. If coaching is necessary as well, the treatment itself will only have an impact if the coaching is well followed up. ​ In the case of Twin Flames, for instance, overcoming affection dependency coaching is required, as well as an appointment for the transmission of personal management tools. Regular energy care supports and facilitates personal work but cannot replace it. ​Therefore, the patient can consider booking other energy care sessions to go further and support their personal development. For example, by working with energy on one’s karmic memories, he can quickly understand the usefulness of what he is currently living, but he must keep a regular energy care rhythm. Indeed, two treatments should not take place by more than two months apart, otherwise, it will be necessary to start the whole process from scratch before expecting to have the karmic memories worked on.
  • Usefulness of preventive energy cleansing?
    Energy care provides stability to your auras, increase resistance, therefore, security before aggressive and violent exterior events and people. Therefore, it can be said of those who are overly empathetic and work with the public, such as hospitals or other equivalent structures have the utility for "preventing rather than remedy" by booking themselves regular energy care sessions. It is also recommended to have an energy-healing session just before surgical operations as well as afterward. ​Anyway, everyone should offer themselves one or two energy sessions a year, without any specific reason.
  • ​Its usefulness for children?
    Children may need to improve their anchoring since our current lifestyle is much less conducive to Yang activities. Indeed, the numerous and daily virtual activities and dematerialized requests bring too much cosmic energy (Yin) while the typically telluric activities (Yang) have gradually disappeared from our children's schedules. What child is still playing in the sand or the earth today with their toy cars? Which children are still fortunate enough to be able to garden and eat vegetables from the family garden? ​Adolescents may also be overly empathetic and need the care to allow them to understand their feelings. School studies and exams can also be a source of stress and generate panic and fear, or concentration problems, poor emotional management. Here as well an energy treatment can undoubtedly give a better structure.
  • ​Are there any contraindications to an energy treatment?
    No, not a single one. If an energy-healing session should not take place, everything will be done so that it does not happen. There would be impediments, difficulties, or emergencies at the last moment imposing to cancel or postpone the appointment.
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