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Unicity or unity, unicité ou unité, unicidade ou unidade, energy, energia, energie - Tony Da Costa

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Tony Da Costa
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For the first time in my life, I was taken to a deep spiritual awakening process, while realizing the changes that were happening. I met people who helped me to become the person who I am today.

The United States of America

Hello! Welcome!

Here is a brief summary of my life journey:

My name is Tony Da Costa. I am from Brazil, lived in Boston, the United States, where I sought university studies in English and French. Since 2017, I have been living in the south of France.


Throughout my life, I had many encounters that led me to discover more about psychology, coaching, energies, magnetism… but it was only in France that I experienced true spiritual awakening--lucid awakening which allowed me to understand myself.



I attended a few Unity is the Key SAS workshops by Fabien Marchand. I learned useful tools for self-growth, such as:

  • The protocol to treat the false self ("Faux-Self");

  • The Triangle of Karpman;

  • Specialized accompaniment for Twin Flames and everyone, and more. 

As well as energetic techniques:


  • Chakra-balancing (cleansing off of stagnant energies in your vital energy centers, recharging and balancing of auras, resetting your energy print back to your first day of his life);

  • Harmonization of houses, and more.

Today, I am a graduated Coach, coaching you online or at my office (if you are in Provence, France); trained to accompany everyone and Twin Flames on their Spiritual Growth and Awakening. Also doing energetic treatments, helping you achieve your inner alchemical balance, also known as Unicity ©.

Find out more about me and my work by following me on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and here on the website. Unless you wish to start your evolution work today: book an appointment.

See you later!

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