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Unicity or unity, unicité ou unité, unicidade ou unidade, energy, energia, energie - Tony Da Costa


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Whether you may be passing through difficult moments in your life right now, experiencing a spiritual awakening, seeking harmony, constantly feeling physically or emotionally exhausted, or oppressed in your new home, or you may have concerns about a possible Twin Flame relationship? I can help you!

You may not yet know, but in the universe everything is energy. You are a part of that universe, thus you ought to maintain a constant inner energetic equilibrium in order to feel well. Sometimes it is necessary to have the Centers of Energy, so-called Chakras, "rebooted" and renewed with Cosmo-Telluric energy in order for you to carry on your process of ascendance. That "reboot" should reset your current energy state back to the energy print you held the day you were born. Or you may just have moved into your new home? Do you feel like you are not alone? Or the air feels too heavy to breathe in your new place? Harmonizing your home will fix that by removing all the old stagnant energy from everything in the place.

Sometimes your not-feeling-well may just be related to a mental imbalance too. The equilibrium and management of your 4 levels of consciousness (physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual) can have a positive or negative impact on your energetic equilibrium. However, it is not only for that reason that you may be feeling energetically run out. The non-treatment of social, familial, love addiction, or affection dependence (ADP), constantly playing roles in the Triangle of Karpman, not knowing your place in relation to others can lead you to a non-virtuous and destructive repetitive behavior pattern. Learning to structure your thoughts can prevent the energetic imbalance from taking place, or perhaps that some of the issues you have noticed cannot be fixed by any of those tools alone. Sometimes there is more than one single explanation to a problem.

Whatever you may be needing help with, I will be there to help you with especially personalized tools for you, developed by Unity is the Key SAS (l’Unité est la Clé). You will not only learn how to break the ever occurring repetitive circles in your life but most importantly, understand them. As for those Twin-Flame-concerned individuals,  you will finally understand that healing must begin within you first and then out; a compensation plan will be put in place. My goal is to bring you to a state of alchemical unity, though that state solely depends on your dedication and determination to maintain Unity. You will learn how.

Twin Flames

Do you feel as if you were an alien sometimes?

As if you did not belong to this family you were born to and raised by?

Perhaps you have even considered having a bipolar personality?

Passing from a state of complete joy to feeling completely depressed, angered, etc.?

Are you concerned that you may be a Twin Flame?

If so, then you have the right to make no mistake.

In your everyday life, you should comprehend and master your alchemical inner state of unity balance. You must have previously identified your own polarity and that of your Twin Flame; needless to mention that a Twin Flame relationship should careless about social, educational, financial, racial criteria, etc. 

Read about the Unicity Protocol in detail, here.

Start your healing journey today!

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