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The Energetic Structure of Man

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Ancient civilizations discovered that the individual is connected to the universe by cosmic energy (the cosmos) and to the Earth by telluric energy (Gaia, our planet).

These two energies mix, merge and create or allow Life to feed the earthly kingdoms. The mineral kingdom is created by Yang (telluric) energy through the activation of FIRE and EARTH. It is the Yin (cosmic) elements that shape, sculpt and use them through the activation of WATER and AIR. Thus this mineral kingdom evolves slowly, over thousands or even millions of years, but it evolves safely until it dissolves and disappears completely (erosion process, for example). This kingdom constantly brings minerals into the plant kingdom: minerals nourish plants and provide nutrients that are sources of Life.

The plant kingdom uses telluric and cosmic energy to be born, grow and evolve. The four elements, EARTH, FIRE, WATER, and AIR are therefore necessary, again, for the existence of the vegetable kingdom. This reign is cyclical, it births, develops, dies and rebirths according to the seasonal and annual cycles. This cyclicality lasts for hundreds of years, for example, before a tree or a plant dies, it disintegrates and nourishes all kingdoms again.

This vegetable kingdom provides remarkably the necessary nutrients for the birth of the animal kingdom of which we are a part of. This animal kingdom births, grows, develops and dies. This process is the shortest of the three reigns, as it takes place over just a few decades. Anyway, we can find the presence of the four elements again: EARTH, FIRE, WATER, and AIR, as necessary for the existence of the animal kingdom.

Therefore, we can easily admit that the four elements form two distinct energies, which, once fused, become a source of Life.

  • The elements EARTH and FIRE constitute the telluric energy, the YANG.

  • The elements WATER and AIR constitute the cosmic energy, the YIN.

Both energies, telluric and cosmic, mixed together give birth to the vital energy: cosmo-telluric energy.

This cosmo-telluric energy circulates around us, but also within us. This circulation is possible thanks to the energy centers called chakras.

Chakras are conical vortexes that convey vital energy into rivers of energy called meridians. These meridians supply the body's organs, allowing the body to regulate and stay in good health. The energy structure of a human being is composed of several "organs" with specific energetic functions.

If we had to summarize, an individual's energy structure is composed of SUBTLE BODIES (Auras), CHAKRAS, as well as NADIS and MERIDIANS. All are interdependent. They form the energetic skeleton of human beings and determine their psychophysiological conditions, their characters, their behaviors, their reactions, their constitutions, their organic and metabolic functions.

What does it mean?

Our personal wellbeing depends on the perfect balance within our energetic structure. This balance can be achieved through the maintenance of our energies, thanks to a treatment performed by a true energy therapist. Once you have received a good energy treatment, you will profit from its benefits. The benefits can be various and related to our four consciences:

  • Physically: improves vitality and dynamism, makes fatigue and chronic pain disappear, improves sleep, increases resistance, etc.

  • Intellectually: augments concentration, ideas and analysis become clearer, projects become more accessible, etc.

  • Emotionally: Improves the management of relationships with oneself and with others, makes dualities disappear, reduces existential fears, increases the need for joy, etc.

  • Spiritually: Gain in daily intuition, uncontrolled empathy decreases and regulates, better inspiration and creativity, the intimate conviction is essential in projects.

Of course, all of these benefits can be seen only in the context in which you have received a true energy treatment based on Chinese energy medicine, as I can offer you. A full session can be performed remotely, with the same results as an in-person session.

For those who are too Yin or, on the contrary, too Yang, as well as for Twin Flame relationships, the complete energetic treatment provides a reorientation of the two complementary energies (Yin/Yang—Cosmo-Telluric). This reorientation is absolutely necessary to live a happy life, to have daily joy, and to be able to continue our journey on the personal development road.

You can schedule an appointment directly on my online agenda, here:


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