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Unity is the Key (Part 6/6)

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Author: Fabien Marchand Translated by Tony Da Costa with the permission of the author.

Unity with the Universe. In the articles mentioning Gaia, its energetic structure, and repercussions on Mankind, I think I have indicated enough elements proving the interdependencies of our planet to us, and vice versa. Go further.

The basis of Hermetism and Alchemy is summed up in this excerpt from the Emerald Table…

“… What is below is like what is above; what is above is like what is below…”

This meaning that the microcosm is identical to the macrocosm, and vice versa… In sum, the infinitely small is governed by the same laws and forces as the infinitely great. The Universe governs our cells.

The Microcosmos and the Macrocosmos
From the infinitely small to the infinitely large...

From the infinitely small to the infinitely great, everything is identical. That which governs us is identical to us…

The ancients knew it.

They studied the stars through that discipline that we call astronomy, but also the influences they hold over our moods and balance. They were aware of their permanent influences over the humans, the animals, the vegetables, the minerals. Strangely enough, the modern world has divided this same ancestral knowledge into two disciplines.

  • On the one hand, the scientific findings related to the stars of the Universe: Astronomy.

  • On the other hand, the theoretical influences of the stars of the Universe upon the humans: Astrology.

Strangely, if we refer to the table of Hermes (or Emerald table) those two disciplines are considered as one. Why has this principle of oneness been divided? It’s quite simple indeed… Because if we, mere common people, had known before that this knowledge was indivisible, we would have seen a long time ago the truth they hide from us.

For humanity to be set apart to reign, they had to hide from us a part of the teaching that allows a person to fulfill his inner self and live autonomously. When I say autonomy, I am not talking about having free will but about being able to follow what was meant to be in this incarnation. In order to hide something important from someone, you have to just not hide it, but on the contrary, leave the object in question right before their eyesight … and attribute it another function, or denigrate its function, which by the way, both go together. I will take a concrete example. Imagine that you have for the first time discovered the Great Pyramid of Giza.

What would you possibly say?

Your first question would undoubtedly be such as that of a child who discovers the world asks, namely the question: “What is it?” If I had to hide the real purpose of the pyramid from you, it would simply suffice to tell you that it is the tomb for the mummy of a Pharaoh.

And the case would be closed. If you had “a flea in your ear,” as says the expression, I would then have run some scientific and archeological studies, with some pretty drawings and you would assimilate those “facts” as being true when they are in fact only theories or interpretations.

Welcome to the Matrix, this place where you are shown what they want, where you are entertained as to ensure that you do not ask too many questions, that you do not ask too much about the truths of life, about your life, your path, and your destiny.

If you observe, in a factual manner, the alignment of the Giza pyramids with Orion’s belt, the alignment of their ventilation “corridors” with various stars, the alignment of the Sphinx with the horizon, and in general, all the observations made by eminent researchers (Gonthier, Bauval, Grimault, Dunn, etc.), I think we can agree that the Egyptians knew a more about the stars and the cosmos than Egyptologists want to admit.

Not everything could be the result of “chance.”

Admitting that Egyptians knew as much about the cosmos but also about mathematics, the golden ratio, astrology, construction, and architecture… Why do Egyptologists want to make them pass for a primitive civilization, capable of mediocrity in architecture and yet rigorous with stone cut finish?

Astrology and Astronomy are indissociable
Astrology and Astronomy are indissociable

Those are not the only aberrations, just have a look at the documentary “Revelation of the Pyramids” and admit it. Though they can hide the Real function of the pyramids, they could not do any better than that, because after all, they cannot dissimulate the Great Pyramid of Giza for their size. Factually, we can see many astronomical and astrological elements in all the ancient sacred places built by ancient builders. There are reasons for that. The ancients have left us these traces bearing, without a doubt, symbolized messages. Why not just leave the content of the message written off?

It’s quite simple indeed…

Bernard Werber expresses it very well:

“Between what I think, what I mean, what I believe I say, what I say, what you want to hear, what you hear, what you believe understand, what you want to understand, and what you understand, there are at least nine possibilities of not understanding each other.”

We think … of course, but we think with a truncated view of the truth. We understand the truth only with our limited reality based on our daily lives, lacking scale, altitude, recoil, and discernment. Your interlocutor has his own perception of reality, of which you only know what he may want to reveal to you…

Provided that he may not even be aware of what his reality is, as in the case of a person with the “faux self.”

The dialogue should be complicated because the share of intellectual metalization would be dominant, topped with the person’s fears of being manipulated, used, exploited… The locks of mistrust and fear would skew the exchanges.

The ancient builders knew it.

On the contrary, if I showed you a symbol that looked like the sun, you would search for its meaning. You would compare all the possibilities even to the most unexpected to the wisest ones … and it would only be by seeking that you finally conclude that it is … the sun. You would have been pushed to think, to make deductions, but also to weigh your hypothesis … and that you would do intuitively, most of the time. The symbolic language, the reflection, and the truth… It is only when you hear your intuition that you quit the Matrix and the procession of beliefs or false knowledge that they or yourself try to make you, “gobble.” That is why the ancients speak to us through symbolism, to take us out of the Matrix realm and make us explore our divine certainty, our inner self, our intuition, and reach our truth.

To look and see, to really see…

Thus, it is important to leave behind all beliefs when trying to understand what the ancients have left us, but also to apprehend what happens in the world and our universe today. I tell you, what is happening in the world today is not disconnected from our universe or the extended cosmos, on the contrary.

Open your eyes to reality, to the truth.

The narrow vision of your daily life will not permit you to understand what the ancients had to transmit to us. I suggest you question what that I write, not to “swallow” my articles, the same goes to even factual data, the work of scientists and amateurs… Do your own research and prove to yourself that what I say is the truth or just a piece of “truth.”

I warn you though that the truth may scare you, but sweeping it away and refusing to see it will be of no protection for you. Prepare yourself to face what bothers and destabilizes you.

Everything is cyclical in the Universe

From the infinitely small to the infinitely large, everything is exponential, and therefore, as the exponential curve always returns to its starting point through collapsing on itself, so does the Universe. It always goes back to where it all began.

The Milky Way is maintained by coherent forces, magnetic fields, movements, transformations of materials, combustions, recycling of fundamental elements, etc. All those forces maintain our Universe in a structured whole. Though we are tiny in the cosmos, a particle of dust is an immensely big whole.

In the cosmos, around our Universe are other Universes like ours. All are nested within each other or interconnected with each other. That is what defines coherence but also what we call the butterfly effect: an action carried out at one end of our planet influences the destiny of someone else at the other end.

It is the same in the connected universes if, for various reasons we provoked the destruction of our planet, by a nuclear war, for example, it would have real and perhaps dramatic consequences by the domino effect on the neighboring Universes and the entire cosmos, in the end.

The butterfly effect in the world…

By pushing the first domino piece we have the certainty that the last one of the line falls, even if we do not know when and by which effects. The opposite is also true, if something similar happened in another universe, we would feel the repercussions. That could result in solar flares, radioactive winds, disturbances of our electromagnetic field, etc. Gaia would be impacted and it would react climatically, geologically, energetically… And like the last domino in the line, we would also be impacted.

Message from the ancients…

What I can say, though there are other more competent people than me trying to prove it, is that the ancients, whoever they may have been, have left us messages. Those messages speak about the stars, the cosmos, our universe, the Milky Way, past events, but also future events, and finally, they speak about us. Before being receptive to this message, we must understand that our Unicity structure must exist within us. Otherwise, we will not be able to come together beyond the division implanted in us, around us by them for centuries. Unity will be the Key, but from today on, Unity is the Key within you … as a beginning.

The unveiling begins…

Author: Fabien Marchand Translated by Tony Da Costa with the permission of the author.


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