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Unity is the Key (Part 5/6)

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Author: Fabien Marchand Translated by Tony Da Costa with the permission of the author.

The US becomes ONE.

It is impossible to apprehend a group Unity without having acquired your ONEdividual unity. I think I have demonstrated enough in previous articles. However, if you have not yet fully understood it, I strongly advise you to read once again all the previous articles without seeking hidden meaning, but only to integrate the subject in you.

For those who have followed, we must find ourselves, build, unite ourselves in depth with respect to our four consciences.

Then once we have become our true selves, we should be able to shine and show the example to everyone through our acts (and not through our words) of what Unity should be.

Through the domino effect, in the microcosm, and through the butterfly effect, in the macrocosm, we will change the people’s mentality, their reasonings, the global mental dynamics…

Does not everything start with a decision?

Why should we reach this Unity of the Us that becomes ONE?

Because we can no longer continue to think that the world will change and that it will become the reflection of our aspirations.

We are the actors of this world and we are stronger together, stronger to model it.

It’s quite a vast question so I may try to answer it later… The day when you finally become ready to handle the answers.

State of place…

Dalai Lama says: “Be that what you hope the world to be.”

How to act in daily life to Unite everyone despite their differences?

It is important, I think, to begin by listing the greatest differences dividing humanity. I would intentionally limit it to the three most important themes so as not to weigh down the subject:

  1. Religions

  2. Politics

  3. Material Enrichment


We are aware that the majority of ancient wars and those of our current days are related to conflicts of beliefs. Different religious beliefs have opposed each other throughout the centuries. The first traces of religious wars go back to -1800 B.C. between Babylon and Larsa, then the Greek wars (Troy…), etc.

They never ceased to exist, even in our days, whatever the nations concerned, the times, their leaders… These wars are obviously an integral part of those constituting their respective religions.

Most of them are fed by the underlying energy of two other causes for the divergence of humanity; namely Politics and its quest for power and material enrichment and greediness.


All having been said, it already seems useless to attempt to demonstrate these three divergences, that how they feed and build on the other two as to gain in strength and achieve their goal to divide humanity.

You may think that I speak such as a conspirator and that I will probably engage in a Zionist or negationist demonstration of truths… Not at all. I am not whatsoever interested in doing that.

It is true, I will publish a certain number of articles, documents, videos to show that we are made to believe in some nonsense truths for hundreds, even thousands, of years but I am only interested in the awakening of your consciences. It depends only on you whether you will make up your own mind when the time has come, always with discernment.

I can already say that we bond to each other, like the victims of the same lie.

However to comprehend, one must first succeed in freeing himself out of the illusion of the Matrix.

What is the Matrix?

I will explain it to you in another article.

As for “Unity is the Key”…

Case to be continued…

Author: Fabien Marchand Translated by Tony Da Costa with the permission of the author.


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