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Unity is the Key (Part 2/6)

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Author: Fabien Marchand Translated by Tony Da Costa with the permission of the author.

Unity in the Couple

The only humanly incarnated form of unity is the Twin Flame.

Even though there are several kinds of twin flames, they can exclusively be defined based on their pre-established karmic goals. This text is not intended to explain their differences, rather seize the true nature of the two individuals that compose such a couple.

Imperative forehand explanation…

What is a twin flame?

I will begin from the premise that you can accept into your belief system the irrefutable existence of ancient civilizations and the principles of reincarnation of the soul.

According to the wheel of Samsara, the oldest Hindi writing defining the inherent rules for the descending of a soul onto the Earth plane; a soul issued from a cosmic source decides to incarnate into a human body establishing at the same time goals to learn, achieve and accomplish objectives deriving wisdom and reaching the state of Unconditional Love. All taking place through Dharma (good experiences) and Karma (hardships).

Personally, I think that splitting life events into good and bad is as false as naive. Any event taking place in an incarnated life should teach us wisdom and love (loving yourself first and others lastly…).

1 + 1 = 2 … soul sisters.

Thus, each individual is, until contrary proofs, a soul that has decided to incarnate within its karmic family circle, namely the souls whom it has already met in past lives, and that it will cross paths again in future reincarnations. From then on, the incarnated soul will follow its karmic path, a kind of scenario, preset before descending on Earth and body impregnation. This last event situating in the fourth month of pregnancy in the mother’s womb. During the impregnation process, only the spiritual consciousness keeps memories of its “road map,” while all the other consciences receive no imprint whatsoever in order to preserve a true return to the spiritual wisdom.

By itself, a soul has to discover the choices and the goals it has made before incarnation in order to make them come true. It will meet the souls which compose its karmic family, who will be at this time playing different roles from previous lives, and the interaction between them should be spontaneous.

Soul sister is the name given to souls who have met and have together lived a true love story in a past life. These two souls can easily live their lives together, while still keeping deriving wisdom from their previous lives. Such a relationship is harmoniously simple.

So far so good? Do you follow me?

Two that are one.

In the case of a twin flame, the process is different … actually, EVERYTHING is different.

Here we are not talking about two autonomous souls who cross each other’s paths on Earth.

Let me explain… The Source, creator of Mother Earth: GAIA, decided a millennium ago to create souls and have them live the first-ever separation experience. In another future article, I will explain more about what twin flames really are.

Some ancient writings indicate the creation of 144 first souls… We know today, thanks to numerous channeled writings, that there are about 6 million souls issued by the Source and which are at the present day incarnated on Earth.

However, that is not the correct number of souls present on Earth today… No! in fact, it’s the double of it…

Wow! What? You don't get it anymore? Let me explain…

In fact, each of the original souls has been divided into two halves and embodied in two distinct bodies… Their goal is to find, recognize, and merge with their missing part, as to prove the incarnation of an Unconditional Love.

These divided souls carry in their spiritual consciousness the memory of the pain of their separation, especially the memory of the suffering that resulted from it … finally, the ultimate suffering from having their whole being divided in two.

The intellectual, emotional, and physical consciousness also bear the imprint of that suffering which allows the twins to recognize their respective halves.

Despite the possibility that recognition is made simultaneously, suffering is present in each one of the twins. The recognition should drive each of them to begin an individual process of profound inner-self-exploration.

The purpose of undergoing an inner-self discovery exploration should be to highlight their respective missing pieces, in each of their four distinct consciousnesses. Each one of the twins should seek compensation for their missing requisite in order to attain the state of Unity within themselves.

In a future article, I will write on the archetypes of each of the twins, their polarities, their psychological and emotional states, all based on concrete common posts from many studied cases.

Nonetheless, it is admitted and confirmed by all sides that each of the twins is the carrier of the energy Yin and Yang, making each one contrary and complementary to one another.

1 + 1 = 1 … the beginning of the END.

In the event where the two twins are not aware of their affection dependence or of the mirror effects they can provoke and experience themselves, an intense and difficult process of suffering will engage, for they have never before known a person who could cause them to become aware of their need to reach sovereign Unity.

Fears of losing oneself into the other, of believing in this ultimate love, and then being abandoned or rejected by one’s own twin, install in the twins’ psyche… That being facilitated by the deep and vivid wounds from their scission and from the moment both twins left the Source.

The absence of individual Unity will lead the twins to lose themselves in the other, sometimes drawing on their lacking needs, both becoming emotionally and energetically dependent on the other. This violent addiction will cause them suffering, transforming their lacking needs into something permanent, each one living that pain differently for it accords distinctively to the Yin and the Yang polarity of the individual.

Taijitsu or most known as "the Yin and Yang" symbol.

Even though physical proximity is present in the couple, the twin flames will have the sentiment of feeling abandoned, isolated, misunderstood, angered, and distressed. One revealing to the other their most intimate and deep-rooted lacking needs... standing presence of the other may become unbearable.

From then on, their separation becomes an absolute necessity for the individual work that has not been done beforehand or in full consciousness.

The exploration of the seven stages of the twin flames should be carried on individually before hoping to reestablish a relationship with one's twin again…

But that, I will further explain to you in other articles…

1 + 1 = 3 … Unconditional Love.

Returning to our delightful subject… “What is Unity?” It is observed that all twin flames should have individually acquired some unification requisites before they attempt reaching unity in the twin flame couple, that is to say … to become a single and same fused soul, which will nevertheless depend on their individual sovereign coherency.

Once a recomposed soul, it will be energetically nourished by the polarities of the two individuals. Each of them is capable of maintaining their own spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical energetic structure in unity.

The couple composed of two incarnated individuals, sharing the same soul, give birth to a third individual: The couple.

If each individual attains their individual requisites of unification, the couple will live an incarnated Unconditional Love of such an energetic and spiritual power never seen before in the history of humanity.

That third individual will have an energetic resonance, such as that of a Divine Love, resulting in the activation of what the Christian-like religion calls, “the sacred heart,” in each of the twins. Each bearer nourished by the love of their twin.

Now having become a radiant emitter of positive energy, this couple of twins will trigger all ascending souls to awaken to Unconditional Love. The twin flame becomes a role model of perfection, balance, and harmony for the social sphere. For the ascended souls, this couple is as much an evidence as it is an example and a goal to be attained, being thus totally socially accepted.

On the other hand, the souls unable to let themselves be exposed to this Unconditional Love will judge the couple negatively. Through the mirror effect, this couple reflexes back on those souls the inability they have to feel and the fear they have to open up to true Incarnated Love. The twin flames will then suffer slanders, jealousy, virulent conflicts, and oppositions from the social egotism judgment. Society will deny them acceptance, barely veiling their motivation to split the couple apart.

The role of that binomial couple is to provoke awakening in other twin flames in the world and to open people’s minds to liberated spirituality … one can easily understand the importance of his incarnation, and once a recomposed soul, they will have a butterfly effect upon all other karmic families.

The Universe
The Universe

“The reality can be seen here, but the truth is held above.”

… A quote that its best symbolism can be found in the pyramid of Cheops on the plateau of Gizeh. Having its base strongly anchored onto the earth, containing unsuspected wealth, pointing to the sky, its Divine inspiration, governed by the laws of the Universe.

A quote that indicates the importance of the exoteric work to be performed by every incarnated soul in order to develop the self.

Despite the difficulties, it is no different for the twins by soul, the goal remains the same:

First reaching Unity individually … then together … becoming three.

Case to be continued…

Author: Fabien Marchand Translated by Tony Da Costa with the permission of the author.


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