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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

The solar plexus chakra is located next to the stomach (about less or more than an inch above the belly button or navel). This may seem trivial when, on the contrary, it indicates the important functions this chakra has. In fact, the solar plexus chakra helps to “digest” the events of our existence. This digestion is necessary so that our emotions, our thoughts, and therefore, our actions are as pure as possible. It is also connected to the pancreas and therefore regulates blood sugar.

The Solar Plexus Chakra
The Solar Plexus Chakra

Thus this chakra promotes the management of emotions we feel towards others and society in general. The main purpose of this chakra is to make us aware that we are an individual being who has to evolve in the midst of humanity, for humanity, but by our own choices. Choices that only we can justify, with a complete decision-making autonomy. It is around the age of 14 until de age of 21 that this chakra awakens.

When this chakra is too weak, people tend to become too empathetic, lose control over their energies, and therefore over their emotions, thoughts, and decisions. Eating compulsions also develops in people whose solar plexus is weak, but, unlike those dependencies related to the sacral chakra that has been detailed previously, these compulsions here are always caused by emotions related to other people, to relationship conflicts, fear of being rejected by others, etc.

The solar plexus is the point through which emotions are transmitted: sympathy and empathy felt about others pass through there. The excess of Yang in the solar plexus chakra causes authoritarian tendencies, desire to have control over everything, to dominate everything, as well as leadership and entrepreneurship skills. Whether one is in an excess of determination or in a simple need to have control, through this chakra, we will be in search of self-esteem at all costs.

People whose solar plexus are balanced have good self-awareness and are absolutely insensitive to conditioning attempts, such as through fashion, media, religions, sects, unionism, politics, etc. If this chakra is too strong, the individual will appreciate solitude, will need silence and calmness daily and that his days should be monotonous and predictable.

In short, this chakra, when balanced, helps with the management of relationships with others, with the recognition of their own intrinsic values, with self-respect and life choices, with the awareness of his individual freedom that can dispense with the approval of the collective, “Humanity.”

This energy center reacts to yellow color tones.

What does it mean?

Our personal well-being depends on the perfect balance within our energetic structure. This balance can be achieved through the maintenance of our energies, thanks to a treatment performed by a true energy therapist. Once you have received a good energy treatment, you will profit from its benefits. The benefits can be various and related to our four consciences:

  • Physically: improves vitality and dynamism, makes fatigue and chronic pain disappear, improves sleep, increases resistance, etc.

  • Intellectually: augments concentration, ideas, and analysis become clearer, projects become more accessible, etc.

  • Emotionally: Improves the management of relationships with oneself and with others, makes dualities disappear, reduces existential fears, increases the need for joy, etc.

  • Spiritually: Gain in daily intuition, uncontrolled empathy decreases, and regulates, better inspiration and creativity, the intimate conviction is essential in projects.

Of course, all of these benefits can be seen only in the context in which you have received a true energy treatment based on Chinese energy medicine, as I can offer you. A full session can be performed remotely, with the same results as an in-person session.

Illustration of an energy session
Illustration of an energy session

For those who are too Yin or, on the contrary, too Yang, as well as for Twin Flame relationships, the complete energetic treatment provides a reorientation of the two complementary energies (Yin/Yang—Cosmo-Telluric). This reorientation is absolutely necessary to live a happy life, to have daily joy, and to be able to continue our journey on the personal development road.

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