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The SACRAL Chakra

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

It is located immediately above the sexual organs, at the base of the pubic hair.

It is the seat of sexual "pleasure," of fertility, related to the water element. It is the seat of the bodily relationship with ourselves, the acceptance of our body, its appearance, and physical limitations. It is the seat of our physical autonomy. It is precisely when we discover our physical autonomy that this chakra will resonate with our life, from the age of 7 through the age of 14.

The Sacral Chakra
The Sacral Chakra

This chakra governs the will to enjoy a pleasant life, reassuring, and made of personal merits. Here, no duality towards oneself can exist, the individual is aware of who he is, of his worth, and of what he deserves in life. No problem to impose what we refuse and will to have what we want. This chakra also provides the will to possess material abundance and to progress unceasingly in life. However, if emotions are suppressed, this chakra will be weakened and will cause retention and urinary problems. In fact, this center is linked to the pelvis, the kidneys, the bladder, the gonads… and all the bodily fluids.

Libido and the need for orgasm are present in this chakra. The individual is aware of his physiological needs and believes he has the right to it, without guilt. Understanding and responding to our sexual needs allows us to realize and manage our emotions without dualities. Emotional and physical maturity will allow us to live without conflicts in a sexual and intimate romantic relationship. Sensuality, pleasure, abundance, physical well-being will be guaranteed.

Doubts greatly influence the reactivity of this chakra, because we find that in the case where one has good self-esteem, the vitality of this chakra is perfectly balanced, whereas, under low self-esteem or ill-treatment towards one's own needs, this chakra closes itself, thus causing multiple physical, psychological and emotional disturbances. Compulsions and dependencies of all kinds will develop, often with alternation at different times in the life of an individual whose chakra is weakened. Irresponsibility about our frustrations or incapabilities will also increase, rendering "others" responsible for what is going wrong with our lives.

This center also manages the appetite and feeling of satiety with awareness and acceptance of what is good for us. A person, whose chakra is balanced, is aware and respects the work, leisure, and resting time rhythms. Time management will also be linked to our physical envelope and the acceptance of time constraints.

This chakra reacts to all orange hues.

What does it mean?

Our personal well-being depends on the perfect balance within our energetic structure. This balance can be achieved through the maintenance of our energies, thanks to a treatment performed by a true energy therapist. Once you have received a good energy treatment, you will profit from its benefits. The benefits can be various and related to our four consciences:

  • Physically: improves vitality and dynamism, makes fatigue and chronic pain disappear, improves sleep, increases resistance, etc.

  • Intellectually: augments concentration, ideas and analysis become clearer, projects become more accessible, etc.

  • Emotionally: Improves the management of relationships with oneself and with others, makes dualities disappear, reduces existential fears, increases the need for joy, etc.

  • Spiritually: Gain in daily intuition, uncontrolled empathy decreases and regulates, better inspiration and creativity, the intimate conviction is essential in projects.

Of course, all of these benefits can be seen only in the context in which you have received a true energy treatment based on Chinese energy medicine, as I can offer you. A full session can be performed remotely, with the same results as an in-person session.

Ilustração de uma sessão energético
Ilustração de uma sessão energético

For those who are too Yin or, on the contrary, too Yang, as well as for Twin Flame relationships, the complete energetic treatment provides a reorientation of the two complementary energies (Yin/Yang—Cosmo-Telluric). This reorientation is absolutely necessary to live a happy life, to have daily joy, and to be able to continue our journey on the personal development road.

You can schedule an appointment directly on my online agenda, here:


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